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Attach screen protectors without air bubbles

All screen protectors from are very easy to apply, if you follow certain rules. We describe what steps you should take and what you should pay attention to. We are sure that you will be satisfied with the result when you apply the screen protector as follows:

Step 1: Check the sizes

First you should check if the screen protector fits your device. Therefore, place the protector on the screen and check if the distances to the edges match correctly.

Step 2: Preparations for the application

Turn off the air conditioning, close the windows and the hatch so that the dust circulates as little as possible. Use the CLEANING KIT in the package to clean thoroughly to remove all dust and dirt. This is the most important part for a bubble-free application.

Step 3: Application

Peel off the thin film halfway down one side of the screen protector and attach the screen protector while paying attention to any cutouts; for example, microphone or camera. Start from the side where you peeled off the foil. Gently press the screen protector with your fingers, simultaneously removing the thin film.

Step 4: Fixing and finishing

The screen protector film will adapt to the screen itself. Now smooth out any small bubbles, pressing from the center to the edges by on them with your finger.

If there are still after application, which cannot be smoothed, just carefully remove the film and remove the dirt from the display, for example, with a normal adhesive tape.