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Why our FoliaTa® Screen Protectors and not the competition?

Catalin Wagenpfiel
Folii de protectie Navigatii si Ceasuri de Bord Brand FoliaTa

Why us?

We at have a long experience; basically, we set out to offer adequate protection solutions for electronic devices since 2006. Over time I have used screen protectors from several global manufacturers from the USA, Korea, Japan, Germany. Currently, the material from which the foils are produced under the FoliaTa® Registered Trademark brand are manufactured in Germany. We stopped here because the material incorporates the most demanding requirements in this field. We have 2 protection options for Auto displays;

- FoliaTa® HD-Premium Clear Anti-Fingerprint
- FoliaTa® HD-Premium Matte Anti-Reflective

Regardless of the chosen option, we guarantee the quality of the products. Likewise, their application technique does not require experience; they can practically be applied and reapplied countless times without damaging the material. The application is done dry, the film having a very thin layer of silicone for adhesion to the display.

Our strong points for which we invite you to buy are;

- Premium materials designed for the protection of electronic displays
- Precision laser cut on State of the Art
devices - Measures created at our company with the physical device present; so the possibility of the product not matching what you ordered is excluded.
- We can customize/protect any display (even if it is not presented on the website) at our company.
- FREE application at our company
- FREE Shipping in ROMANIA
- Online Card Payment
- Since 2006