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How to remove the Anti-Reflective layer from the Navigation Display

Catalin Wagenpfiel
Indepartare strat Anti Reflex de pe Display-ul de Navigatie

Once with the passage of time, the surfaces with multilayer protection Anti Reflex (AR) go through a wear process that affects the surface of the display. Often the user tries to clean it, thinking that the screen and not the surface is scratched or in some cases dirty.
The solution to give the display surface uniformity is to use a product to remove the Anti Reflex.
But what is this product and how is it used to be removed?

First, let's better understand the concept of the Anti Reflex layer and the performance of the treatment.

The Anti Reflex treatment is a polymer that is applied in the factory by the manufacturer on the surface of the display. The quality of the Anti-Reflex layer is given by the quality of the polymer and its application method; in no case by the number of layers. The basic role of the treatment is, as the name suggests, to block the reflection of light on surfaces, thus increasing its transmission.
In this way, a clearer and more restful image is obtained. More specifically, the user will no longer be disturbed and will be protected primarily from artificial light sources such as the car navigation system, glasses with heliomat lenses, the camera display, etc., but also from natural sunlight.< br>The performance of the anti-reflex treatment is represented by its resistance over time and how easily and often the treated surface is cleaned without being affected.

Removing the Anti-Reflex layer from the surfaces of car navigation systems is possible through a very simple procedure and within the reach of anyone.
1. For cleaning, take a package of wet hand wipes; from any store/grocery and wipe it with it.
2. Do not press firmly on the display with the napkin; the solution from it will easily remove the Antireflex layer.
3. It is important to insist on the corners; if the surface is not cleaned correctly, later if you opt for display protection (which we strongly recommend), it can create visual discomfort after application.
4. If you notice that traces of the layer remain Anti Reflex, insist until completely cleaned.
5. Estimated time 10/20 min.

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